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An Awful Mistake

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Once upon a time in a far and distant country there lived a man named Harry Patter. He was a very good English teacher but he was very superstitious. He was afraid of spiders, black cats and broken mirrors. When he saw a ladder, he often ran away.

He always carried a horseshoe and a four - leaf clover for a luck. But one day something happened. It was terrible - in the night, to his house came a devil, two witches with two pumpkins. They wanted to kill him quickly. The owner of this house slept. Suddenly he got up and saw those creatures. He started to cry and scream but nobody helped him - there was not anyone ! The devil told him : 'We came to take you, Potter !' . Harry said : 'How dare you ! I am not Potter ! - I am Patter. Go to hell ! ' Those horrible shapes disappeared and probably they went to Hogwarts but that can only know real Potter. The next day Patter went to church and he decided that he would never believe the world. ( Because of recent events his new rules were put into effect immediatly ). This story happened in October - the day you should know.

Autorka: Asia

Opublikowane: 2005-10-22 (2157 odsłon)

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